Full Governing Body Meeting 12th September 2023

Mrs Georgia Plant and Mrs James Thompson informed the meeting of SAT results and
strategies in place for the new academic year.
The governing body decided to accept the reported School Teacher’s Review Body
recommendation of a pay rise.
It was noted that a date has been set for RAAC survey and the Head Teacher has sent a letter
to the parents/carers.
All policies/ guidance’s and changes were approved.
Clerk is going to contact Governor Services to find out about Staff Governor representation.
Governors were updated on the summer works in CFSN and CMS.

Governing Body Meeting 4th July 2023

The governing body looked at the annual safeguarding reports and had an overview and
training on safeguarding issues. The Headteacher’s report for both schools was received and
governors asked relevant questions.
The admissions for the year 2023 in both schools were reviewed along with educational
support provided to these pupils. The head teacher informed the governing body of annual
policies review when the schools join the Trust. Governor meeting dates with minor alterations
were approved for the year 2023-2024.

Bakul Kumar (Dr)

Governing Body Meeting

Tuesday 29th November 2022

At this meeting we considered the latest reports on school data, the Executive Headteacher termly report, pupil absence and inspection feedback.

We looked at reports from Committee Meetings and actions arising from these.

We also considered the appointment of new potential Governors to join the Governing Body and wider staffing issues.

Mike Hill

Chair of Governors

Staff, Premises and Finance Committee

Tuesday 8th November 2022

At this meeting members reviewed premises developments, considered budget updates and reviewed staff appraisal outcomes.

The school is carrying out work modelling the likely extent and impact in cost of living increases namely future energy costs.

Mike Hill


Governing Body Meeting Tuesday 18th October 2022.

The meeting considered the School Federation Strategy Plan update and agreed changes. The Governance risk register was updated in line with this and approved. The recruitment of new Governors was also discussed. The Governors considered the performance of the Governing Body in terms of support to the Federation and challenging the schools management on issues to ensure continuous development. An update on the Academy process and discussion on the education White Paper also took place.

Mike Hill


Governors Meeting Tuesday 6th September 2022

As this was the first meeting of the academic year the governors re- elected myself as the Chair and elected a new Vice Chair namely Bakul Kumar.

The meeting considered the Government’s white paper for education in terms of the approach for Mutli Academy Trusts and improvements to pupil expected standards.

The meeting considered the School’s July SATs results and Governors had previously received an action plan concerning these. This will be followed up at future meetings.

Various policies were approved as was the terms of reference of meetings, a budget update and a review of summer maintenance undertaken.

The next full governor meeting will be on the 20th September and the Governor Performance Review and Strategy meeting will be in October.

Mike Hill


Governing Body Meeting Tuesday 5th July.
At this meeting the Governors considered the minutes of Committee Meetings and the key points of these including budgets for 2022/2023 and school quality monitoring processes.
The meeting also looked at the reports from individual governors on the areas that they have reporting responsibility for including Curriculum, Pupil Premium spending effectiveness, pupil specific needs  and Leadership.
The Head Teachers presented a report which updated Governors on current issues and topics including admissions for next year, staffing and pupil behaviour.
Mike Hill
Chair of the Governing Body.

Governors Meeting Tuesday 26th April 2022.

Staff, Premises and Finance Sub Committee.

The main business of the meeting was to receive an update to the current year’s budget position, which was in line with expectations and was satisfactory. The meeting also approved the budgets for both Schools for next year 2022/2023.

The aim in overall terms is to produce at least a balanced budget position and to ensure resources are available for the ongoing investment in resources and staffing to deliver curriculum programmes and to support growing numbers.

The budget position in future years will require careful management as costs increase and funding remains tight.

We also discussed Covid related issues and considered issues around the impact of Covid on attendance and pupil behaviour.

An update on building maintenance was also provided.

Mike Hill, Chair of Governors

Governing Body Meeting Tuesday 8th March 2022
At this meeting we discussed an update to the schools Covid response and on going issues regarding pupil absence and behaviour issues.
Governors heard presentations on delivering curriculum relating to  SEND and disadvantaged pupils
Governors looked at the latest School Curriculum Plans and received the latest Head Teachers report.
We discussed future developments and looked at how pupil catchment areas are being reviewed.
Mike Hill, Chair of Board of Governors.
Messages from the Governing Body

Governor Meeting, Premises, Staff and Finance Committee Meeting 

Governor Meeting – Tuesday 15th February 2022

At this meeting we discussed an update to the schools Covid response and ongoing issues regarding pupil and staff absence. The situation is being managed well although it is still challenging.

We also looked at the Schools budgets which are good and showing improvements of the original budget positions.

We discussed an Accommodation Survey to ensure we can meet future needs and looked at how pupil catchment areas are being discussed.

Governor Meeting. Tuesday 30th November 2021.

At this meeting Governors approved the 2021 to 2024 Strategic Plan and reviewed the School Development Plans.
Governors reviewed the progress to Strategic goals in the previous year.
Governors reviewed the actions from the October Governance Review Meeting, linking named Governors responsible for monitoring the achievement of school objectives.
An update on current Covid issues was provided.
Governors considered the minutes of Committee Groups.

Tuesday 9th November 2021

This Committee reviewed the updates to current budget positions at both schools, which are in line with the original budgets approved.

The Committee also considered the Summer 2021 programme of works and the ongoing maintenance programme.

A Covid update was provided.

The Committee also reviewed any educational visit plans and end of term events.

The Committee also looked at Staff Appraisal processes.

Mike Hill, Chair of Governors

Governors Meeting Tuesday 19 October 2021
At the meeting Governors received a Covid situation update from the Executive Head Teacher. We also discussed in detail the Schools Strategic Plan for the next three years and the Governance Risk Register, both were approved. Governors are linked to School Priorities and Strategic Objectives for monitoring and reporting purposes. We looked at accommodation needs and governance arrangements and more research is being undertaken in both of these areas. Governors reviewed their own performance in terms of communication, skills and accountability of management. The Chair attended an on-line Governance Conference and notes from this were issued to Governors.
Mike Hill ( Chair of Governors)
At the first Governor meeting of the new school year, the Governors received an update regarding accommodation, works undertaken over the summer, and ongoing works, we also had an update of Covid contingency plans.
Governors re-elected myself as Chair and Deborah Thomas as Vice-Chair. I have written to all staff welcoming them back and to all parents via email to discuss how the Schools can engage with parents in their child’s learning and school experience.
We look forward to a more normal year with after school activities and visits commencing in a Covid safe manner.
Mike Hill
Chair of Governors.

Full Governors Meeting – Tuesday 6th July.

At the Governors meeting on Tuesday 6th July, the Governors considered reports from the Executive Head Teacher on all aspects of the performance of the schools, we also looked at budgets and our financial positions which are healthy. We received the yearly Safeguarding reports.

The Governors approved the latest update to the Governance Risk Register and looked at our next Strategic and Vision plan update due October 2021.

Also of course we discussed the latest update on Covid19 related issues and the impact this is having.

We also discussed staff and pupil well-being.

Mike Hill, Chair of Board of Governors

School Staff, Premises and Finance Sub Committee    Tuesday 27th April 2021.

This meeting approved budgets for 2021/22 for both schools, while financial environments remain challenging the Governors were please to approved surplus budgets when considering carried forward positions. The budgets are set to meet operational needs including resources to meet specific learning and support needs as well as ensuring investing in curriculum resources and linking budgets with strategic plans.

Governors also received a return to school Covid update and looked at summer premises works planned to be carried out.

Staffing structures at both schools were noted.

Mike Hill  (chair)

Governing Body Meeting 9 March 2021

The Governing Body of the First and Middle School met on the 9th March, we received a presentation on the work of meeting special education needs and work with disadvantaged learners, we also had a full update of Covid19 action plans.

The Governors recognised the hard work and challenges for staff, pupils and parents during this period and were pleased to see the high take up on on-line learning and the positive feedback from parents regarding the online learning services offered. The Governors praised the work of staff, parents, and pupils.

The Governors also had feedback on the catch-up strategies that the schools are using to settle everyone back into school.

The normal work of the meeting was carried out including the monitoring of the work of sub-committee’s and reviewing budgets and approving contract tenders and statutory returns.

Mike Hill

Chair of the Governing Body.

Full Governing Body Meeting – Tuesday 1st December 2020.
At tonight’s meeting, we as a full governing body discussed the federation curriculum plans and were pleased to see the work both schools are doing in driving forward curriculum developments at the same time as managing the current challenges regarding Covid.
Both schools have full action plans in place regarding the pandemic and these plans are operating as they should be to protect pupils and staff.
Both schools are working hard to ensure pupils catch up on learning that they may have lost through the first lockdown and have been running catch sessions all term.
Pupils are being supported in settling back into learning especially during the current disruptions of the second Covid wave and the school continues to engage parents in this process.
The governing body also received minutes from Committee meetings and discussed staffing issues and the Governance Risk Register and Covid Risk Assessment.
Mike Hill
Chair of the Governing Body.
Governor  Staff, Finance and Premises Committee 10 November 2020.
At this meeting we discussed various policy updates, the premises maintenance work undertaken since March 2020 and the maintenance activities for the next year.
We carried out the six month budget review, approved audit work undertaken, looked a capital budgets and had an overview of staffing.
The latest updates to the Covid19 action plans were also circulated to members following approval by the Chair.
Mike Hill ( Chair).
Governors Meeting – Tuesday 20th October 2020.
At the latest meeting we undertook our annual Governance review and looked at the key strategic objectives of the Schools and how the Governors work as a team, our skills and the accountability and transparency of the Governing Body.
We also had an update of the latest Covid related risk assessments.
In addition we received a presentation from a Governor who attended a training course giving an Ofsted update on Inspections.
Mike Hill
Chair of Governing Body.
Governors Update 1st September 2020
The first Governors meeting for the new school year took place on Tuesday 1 September via Zoom. I was re-elected as Chair of Governors and Deborah Thomas was elected as Vice-Chair. At the meeting, we approved a full range of policies and the main focus was to review and approve the risk assessments for the re-opening of both schools which had previously been approved by Worcestershire County Council and signed off by myself as Chair of Governors. The Governors also discussed and approved the Governance Risk Register.
The governors thanked all the staff for the hard work that has been put in, to allow for the re-opening of the schools.
We are sure that all pupils will have an active and engaging learning experience even with the new arrangements and we are sure parents will help us by ensuring childrens attendance is good.
Even with the changes school will still be an enjoyable and excellent learning. experience.
Mike Hill
Chair of Governors
Governor update – Meeting held on Tuesday 7th July 2020.
The full governing body met for its last meeting for this teaching year on Tuesday. We discussed in detail the current limited school opening and plans for September.
We will of course at all times follow government guidelines and have full risk assessments as we re-open, as things currently stand it becomes compulsory for pupils to return to school in September.
The schools have detailed plans to achieve full opening and these will be communicated with parents in good time and as updated government information is issued.
Budgets for 2020/21 were noted following previous approval at Committee.
The Governors thanked the senior leaders and all staff for their hard work over the challenges in the last few months.
We look forward to welcoming pupils back in September to allow them to enjoy and engage in school life and learning, we do recognise concerns of parents and pupils and we will work to help overcome any concerns and anxieties.
Mike Hill
Chair of Governers.
30th April 2020 Governor Update
As the Chair of Governors, I wanted to thank the staff, parents /carers, and pupils of the First and Middle school for their support in these strange times.
We will get back to some level of normality at some point but it’s going to take some time and I am aware that some people have experienced particular situations and circumstances which will take a long time to get over.
I wanted to particularly express my thanks to the staff of both schools who have been working hard to try and stay in touch with pupils and are in school continuing to support Critical Worker Childcare and the support for vulnerable children.
As parents, you can find more information on how to support the learning of your children at home on our websites.
As a Governing body, we continue to meet via video conferencing meetings and we continue to deal with the governance matters of both schools in the normal way.
Once again, thank you to you all.
Mike Hill
Chair of Governors
Catshill Federation
30th March 2020 Statement for Parents Covid-19

Dear Parent / Carer

As the Chair of Governors, I just wanted to say a thank you to all of our pupils, parents and carers for helping to support the school in these difficult times.

I have written to our staff to thank them for the massive effort and hard work they are making. We are providing childcare for children of Critical Workers and have even extended this into the Easter holiday. In addition, we aim to reach out to all our Free School Meal families with a new voucher system from Monday, April 20th (Currently packed lunches are available).

I know you will try your best to support your child’s education by helping them work at home with the support of our “Out of School Learning” materials.

I wish you all the best and stay safe, things will get back to normal at some point.

Mike Hill

Chair of Governors

Full Governing Body Meeting Tuesday 3 December 2019

A meeting of the Full Governing Body was held on Tuesday 3 December 2019 at this meeting a number of items were discussed including – school performance data, policy updates , staffing and budgets and the school development plans.

Arrangements were made for Governors to see presentations from staff at future meetings in the year focusing particularly on English and Math’s delivery.

Two new Governors were appointed to the Governing Body.

Meeting 19th November 2019 Premises, Staffing & Finance

At the meeting held on Tuesday 19th November 2019, the Governors from the Sub Committee reviewed the budgets for the schools and current performance against budgets, it was pleasing that the schools are operating within reasonable budget parameters even though the funding environment is still very challenging. The priority of the schools is to ensure resources both in teaching and support are in place to help pupils develop in their education.

We recently had a local authority audit on governance and finance and the schools did very well with an excellent report.

We also looked at the latest premises and maintenance updates and staffing review processes.

Mike Hill

Chair of Governors

Meeting 3rd September 2019.

At this meeting the Chair and Vice Chair of the Governing Body were re-elected for a further year. The Committee considered training needs, the governors risk register, the school mission and strategy and the governing body performance review, these items will be followed up further at the next meeting. At future meetings the pupil performance data for the First and Middle school will be looked at in detail and policies will be reviewed and approved for the current year, also a training session for governors on the new Ofsted Framework for inspection schools will be undertaken.

Welcome back to the new school year, as a Governing Body we will be trying to keep you up to date of our work in the newsletters and on the schools websites. So far this term we have reviewed a number of policies and updated the schools strategic vision and strategic plan, we have also reviewed with the schools management the performance data on pupil achievements for the last school year. As the year goes on I will keep you updated on the work of the Governors.

Mike Hill

Chair of Governors

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