Transition at Catshill First School and Nursery 

We understand that transition can be a tricky time for children and their families. We know that this year this may be particularly challenging. We have created these pages to try and support your child/children as they prepare for the transition to their new classes in September 2021. Please keep an eye on individual class pages as they will give more specific information for you and your child/children about their class from their teachers.

Classes in September

Although we don’t yet know what the situation will be in September, we have made plans for which teachers the children will have.  Some classes will be staying with familiar adults (this is known as looping) and will support some continuity within the school.  

  • New Nursery children will have Mrs Banks and Mrs Spooner
  • Current Nursery class will be split into 2 reception classes RTY (Mrs Thompson-Yates/Mrs Yarranton) and RJW (Mrs Jones/Mrs Westby)
  • RTY will become 1C with Mrs Colby
  • RL (Miss Loveridge) will become 1L with Miss Loveridge 
  • 1CJ (Mrs Crawford-Brown and Mrs G Jones) will become 2M with Mrs Mercer
  • 1C (Mrs Colby) will become 2F with Mrs Fletcher
  • 2F (Miss Fletcher) will become 3FC with Mrs Fay and Mrs Crawford Brown
  • 2M (Mrs Mercer) will become 3S with Mrs Stacey
  • 3S (Mrs Stacey) will become 4J with Mrs Jones
  • 3FD will become 4B with Mrs Braden Smith/Mrs O’Brien

Transition Resources that my help your Children can be found below

The Speech and Language Therapy Service have been very busy making some wonderful visuals and tasks to support transition:
  • My School Clothes – a task to help children who are new to the school to know what they will be wearing
  • My Lunchbox – an activity that will help your child plan with you what their packed lunch might include
  • My New School Hunt –  for children who are new to our school here is a set of things to look out for in school
  • Transition Questions – These may be some of the questions your children might wonder about prior to their return.
  • Who? Where? When? What? questions to help prepare your child for transition into school in September