Welcome to our Well-being page. We hope it will be a place to reflect and be mindful with your children. The aim of the page is to share a range of ways in which you can support your child’s mental health and well-being during this time of uncertainty. Children’s mental and physical health are the most important things to cherish and nurture right now; we hope that this page can help you to do that. Talking about feelings and answering questions is the best way to help children to understand what is going on, so feel free to re-visit this page as often as you need to.  

          If you need help explaining to your child what is happening in Ukraine, please click on the link below

                                                                     Worrying About War & Conflict

Take a look at our virtual Wellbeing Classroom (created by Mrs Mercer). Explore and click on the things within the classroom to access a range of wellbeing ideas, tools and activities. 

Well being resource pack 

This pack is to help support your child with managing and expressing their feelings.


 Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

Click here for more information and support from Place to be – Mental health support for parents and carers.

Click here for the link to  – Draw Your Feelings  a feelings task you can try with your children at home. 

NEW –  Well being activities and ideas to support you at home 

New – Healthy Coping Strategies  

Healthy Coping Lockdown skills

New – Labelling my emotions

New – My Stress Bucket 

New – My Worry Jar

New – Who am I activity 

New – I wish my teacher knew



Read this fabulous Social Story for children which explains Corona Virus: social story about coronavirus

Click to watch this short animation about how to connect with friends and family whilst maintaining social distancing

Click here to read another story about Coronavirus, illustrated by author Axel Scheffler 

A story for older children: How to NOT go to School  by  Mr Forde


See the latest support information for children and families from Worcestershire NHS Trust:

CYP_Health_Guide (4)


Mindful breathing techniques

These are some of the breathing techniques that have been taught in school, prior to our school closure. These techniques are aimed at providing the children with some time to focus and calm if they are feeling upset, worried, angry etc…

Breathing techniques - Copy


Music and Radio for the mind:

We find that listening to some music, such as the following can bring a sense of calm and happiness:


– Miss Jones recommends taking a look at this group of musicians called ‘The Piano Guys’. They do mix-ups of different songs and play them in a range of ways. The videos are always good fun to watch as well!

Try these YouTube links for calm and peaceful music:

YouTube 1

YouTube 2


Here are links to songs we use to celebrate and remember our school values:

Hall of Fame by The Script

Make your own kind of music by Paloma Faith


Mindful activities:

Here are a selection of activities for you to do at home to keep your mind and body active and healthy:

  1. Cosmic Kids have a huge selection of yoga-based story-telling videos. Click here. 
  2. Five minutes of dancing fun with 5-a-day TV. Click here. 
  3. Discover our world with the National Geographic.
  4. Fun body percussion music sessions. Click here. 


Here is a colouring page created by Leanne that you can print and colour together at home.