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 Please see below an email from Tracey Wilson regarding school applications:

Primary/First and Middle School Applications – Closing Date for Applications 15th January 2021.

Thank you to all those schools that have been in touch with us so far to check that students due to leave next year, moving on to middle schools, have already made applications.  For those of you who have nursery provision, you will already be talking to parents about the importance of making an application for starting school.  If you have not already done so, please contact your area Placement Officer within School Admissions who will be able to identify to you any students who have not yet applied.  We are asking all Primary/First and Middle Schools to assist us in emphasising to parents the importance of making an application on time.  Could you please ensure that you include in your school communication messages to parents, a reminder that the closing date for applications is the 15th January 2021.

 The importance of making an application on time cannot be stressed enough.  This year more than any other, has highlighted to us the huge impact that making a late application can have on the most vulnerable children.  A late application can only be considered after all those received on time, this places those children at a disadvantage  In areas where place availability is more limited some of the most vulnerable families, applying late, cannot be accommodated in their local schools, and in some cases, have not been able to attend the same school as their siblings.   You already provide an amazing amount of support to those that are most vulnerable in your school communities.  It is vital that you continue to support those families in encouraging them to make on time applications for phased transfer.

Many thanks

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