A Message from the Governing Body
Welcome back to the new school year, as a Governing Body we will be trying to keep you up to date of our work in the newsletters and on the schools websites. So far this term we have reviewed a number of policies and updated the schools strategic vision and strategic plan, we have also reviewed with the schools management the performance data on pupil achievements for the last school year. As the year goes on I will keep you updated on the work of the Governors.
Mike Hill
Chair of Governors

Our Governors

Premises, Staffing and Finance Committee Links to other GB Profession
Paul Essenhigh Co-opted Executive Headteacher Executive Headteacher


Mike Hill Chair of Governors Staffing and FinancePremises, Health & safety/Buildings Self Employed to Further Education Colleges
Deborah Thomas Co-opted Staffing and Finance Change Manager for Lloyds Banking Group
Luke Attwell Co-Opted Premises, Health & Safety/Buildings Project Coordinator
Kate Sabin Staff – Non Governor Staffing and Finance School Business Manager
Glen Nicholls Staff – Non Governor Premises, Health & safety/Buildings Site Manager
School Improvement Committee
Liz Dane Co-opted School Improvement Qualified Teacher
Paul Essenhigh Co-opted Executive Headteacher Executive Headteacher
Jane Harper Staff School Improvement Behaviour Management
Anne McNaughton Co-opted School Improvement Training and Development Coordinator
Georgia Plant Staff Head of School – CFS&N Head of School
Catherine Shearwood Co-opted (Vice Chair) School Improvement Retired Headteacher
Anna Smith Co-opted School Improvement Retired Headteacher/Ofsted Inspector/Consultant
James Thompson Staff Head of School – CMS Head of School
Richard Williams Co-opted School Improvement Managing Director – Telecoms