A Message from the Governing Body

Full Governing Body Meeting Tuesday 3 December 2019

A meeting of the Full Governing Body was held on Tuesday 3 December 2019 at this meeting a number of items were discussed including – school performance data, policy updates , staffing and budgets and the school development plans.

Arrangements were made for Governors to see presentations from staff at future meetings in the year focusing particularly on English and Math’s delivery.

Two new Governors were appointed to the Governing Body.


Meeting 19th November 2019 Premises, Staffing & Finance

At the meeting held on Tuesday 19th November 2019, the Governors from the Sub Committee reviewed the budgets for the schools and current performance against budgets, it was pleasing that the schools are operating within reasonable budget parameters even though the funding environment is still very challenging. The priority of the schools is to ensure resources both in teaching and support are in place to help pupils develop in their education.

We recently had a local authority audit on governance and finance and the schools did very well with an excellent report.

We also looked at the latest premises and maintenance updates and staffing review processes.

Mike Hill

Chair of Governors


Meeting 3rd September 2019.

At this meeting the Chair and Vice Chair of the Governing Body were re-elected for a further year. The Committee considered training needs, the governors risk register, the school mission and strategy and the governing body performance review, these items will be followed up further at the next meeting. At future meetings the pupil performance data for the First and Middle school will be looked at in detail and policies will be reviewed and approved for the current year, also a training session for governors on the new Ofsted Framework for inspection schools will be undertaken.

Welcome back to the new school year, as a Governing Body we will be trying to keep you up to date of our work in the newsletters and on the schools websites. So far this term we have reviewed a number of policies and updated the schools strategic vision and strategic plan, we have also reviewed with the schools management the performance data on pupil achievements for the last school year. As the year goes on I will keep you updated on the work of the Governors.

Mike Hill

Chair of Governors

Contact via the Clerk using wgclerk2govs@gmail.com

Our Governors


Chair of Governors: Mike Hill
Clerk to Governors: Wendy Gardner


Declaration of Interest of Governors at: The joint governing body of Catshill Middle School and Catshill First School & Nursery Federation, 2019 Р2020.

Chair of Governors

Governing Body Vision and Strategic Plan July 2018