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Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

We know you must be missing each other and wondering what your friends are up to at home. We would like to invite you to share pictures of your children’s activities to create a slideshow on the website. If you have previously given consent for website photos and are happy to share them, please send photos to and remember to include your child’s name and class.

Slideshows available NOW on our Story Time page.


Please click here to access ideas for learning at home and websites to access.

Education Websites and Apps to Use at Home

Stay Active at Home

Worcestershire Children First

BBC New Learning Resources to Support Covid-19

We have been directed by the DfE to steer pupils & families to the unique resources being produced by educational establishments, famous people and the BBC.

The BBC are hosting a huge bank of resources between the BBC iPlayer red button service and BBC Bitesize, please look at both on a daily basis.

Access will be available through your TV and online.

Oak National Academy

This is a Department for Education funded resource for parents & pupils across the UK.

Click the schedule and pick your year group. Follow the daily lesson structure, it will vary each day, try the pre-quiz, teacher video and summary quiz,  having some paper and a pen will be important. The Department for Education have steered all schools in the UK to this excellent resource which they have funded. These resources can be used on phones, tablets, laptops or a PC.

Here are the learning activities set by Catshill First School and Nursery teachers for Week 5 Summer Term 18.05.20

Remember to practise your Key Instant Recall Facts (Click the image to see what each year group needs to know).

Also remember to use TT Rockstars to practise your tables. Contact Mrs Stacey if you need your login details. You can use these login details for Numbots which EYFS and Key Stage 1 can also access.

NEW – Mrs Stacey has made a Maths Scavenger Hunt for you to try at home. Give it a go and send us your answers.


Early Years

Nursery 18.05.20

Reception 18.05.20

Early Years Activities for Home Learning

Early Years Activity Book


Year 1

Year 1 English 18.05.20

Year 1 Maths 18.05.20

Year 1 PROJECT: Bright Lights, Big City

Home Learning Tasks

KS1 Activity Workbook

Year 1 & 2 Maths Homework


Year 2

Year 2 English 18.05.20

Year 2 Maths 18.05.20

Year 2 PROJECT: Shipwrecked 

Year 2 Curriculum Letter

KS1 Activity Workbook

Year 1 & 2 Maths Homework

Year 2 Home Learning Grid


Year 3

Could you help design a room for a new online game? Severn Arts need your help! Click here.

Year 3 English 18.05.20

Year 3 Maths 18.05.20

Year 3 Home Learning Pack

KS2 Activity Book

Maths Homework Grid Years 3 & 4

Home Learning Guidance Pack & Answers


Year 4

Could you help design a room for a new online game? Severn Arts need your help! Click here.

Year 4 English 18.05.20

Year 4 Maths 18.05.20

Year 4 PROJECT: Potions