Welcome to Year 4

Click here to view the Year 4 Welcome booklet


In Year 4 there are two classes.

In 4J the teacher is Mrs Jones and she is supported by Miss Read.

In 4B the teachers are Mrs Braiden-Smith on Monday to Thursday and Mrs O’Brien on Friday. They are supported by Mrs Lawrence.

If you have any questions or queries, please come and speak to us. We are more than happy to help.


  • Reading books and diaries should be in school every day and children should be heard read at least three times a week. In Year 4, children can read independently at home. Please initial or sign the record when they have read.
  • Regular reading will be rewarded with: stickers and epraise points.

    P.E. Kits and Days

    • P.E. is on a Tuesday and Thursday for both classes.
    • All children need to wear a white t-shirt, black shorts/joggers and suitable footwear such as trainers. As it gets colder, they need to wear warmer layers as P.E. lessons will continue to be outside.
    • Children should come to school dressed in their P.E. kit.

    Supporting your child at home…

    Home Learning Opportunities

    Homework will be sent home on Friday and is expected back in school the following Wednesday. Children who do not complete their homework will be expected to during school hours. 

    This half-term our topic is Burps, Bottoms and Bile. This is a topic learning all about teeth and digestion. Your learning will involve the following:

    We also look forward to seeing your child’s Home Learning projects. During these unusual times, we ask that your child brings in pictures of their creations or you can send them in via email. We will celebrate these in class and we will also share some of the pictures in a school assembly, typically the Monday before the end of the half-term.

    E-mail: homelearning@catshillfirst.worcs.sch.uk

    Digestive system Quiz

    Who wants to be a millionaire? Create a multiple answer quiz on the digestive system. Which organ stores bile? a. Small intestine b. liver c. gallbladder or d. pancreas 

    How long is your small and large intestine?

    Use research to find out the measurements for the different parts of your digestive system. Use chalk or a piece of string to show how long your intestines would  look stretched out.

    Coin cleaning cola?

    Drop grubby copper-plated coins into a range of fizzy drinks and leave them overnight to see what happens. Which brand has the most powerful cleaning properties? 

    Horrid habits

    Create a comic book character  about a child with a horrid habit (like nail biting or ear picking). Then create a comic strip where your character goes on an adventure to try and give up their horrid habit. 

    Online projects

    Look online and search for information about  teeth and digestion. How will you present your learning? You could make a poster or write a report

    The journey of food

    What is the journey a piece of food takes inside your body? You could write about it or draw it


    To support your child with their maths here are some helpful hints:

    Every child has a login for our exciting new Times Tables Rockstars software. This allows your child to rehearse their times tables, play against other children and have fun with their Avatar. Please encourage your child to use the software and let us know if you have any problems accessing it.

    To support your child further with their maths in Year 4 here are some more helpful pointers:

    • Our focus this half term will be working with the place value of numbers up to 10,000 and formal standard methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
    • We are also focusing on the times tables with the children with the expectation that all the children will know their times tables, and related division facts by the time they leave Year 4. Our initial focus is 4, 8, 3, and 6 times tables before moving into the 9s. Ask your child to show you the 9 times table trick. Children in the current Year 4 will be sitting their Times Tables Check this academic year and we will let you have more information on this shortly.
    • Look out for our times tables sheet with the formal methods laid out on that back for your guidance.
    • We will be sending out weekly homework to consolidate learning; if you have any queries regarding this then please come and see your child’s class teacher. Usually the homework is related to that week’s learning but may recap previously taught topics.
    How can you help your child in English? Here are some great ideas:
    • We are supporting a love of reading in the classroom by starting a ten minute period of quiet reading every afternoon. We are also encouraging the children to review the books they are reading and sharing this with their class
    • Our big writing focus for this half term is using prepositions, adverbs and a variety of openers to start our sentences. You can support your child by encouraging them to look for examples of these features in their reading books 
    • We are encouraging the children to write for pleasure at home so please send them in with any writing they complete at home as we love them to share it with their peers
    • For this topic, it would be valuable for them to read information texts about teeth and digestion to support their topic knowledge.