Year 2 English 06.07.20

Year 2 Maths 06.07.20

Year 2 Wellbeing 06.07.20


Year 2 English 29.06..20

Year 2 Maths 29.06.20

Year 2 Wellbeing 29.06.20


Year 2 English 22.06.20

Year 2 Maths 22.06.20

Year 2 Wellbeing 22.06.20


Year 2 English 15.06.20

Year 2 Maths 15.06.20

Year 2 Wellbeing 15.06.20


Year 2 English 08.06.20

Year 2 Maths 08.06.20

Year 2 Wellbeing 08.06.20


Year 2 English 01.06.20

Year 2 Maths 01.06.20

Year 2 Wellbeing 01.06.20


Year 2 English 18.05.20

Year 2 Maths 18.05.20

Year 2 PROJECT: Shipwrecked 

Year 2 Curriculum Letter


Year 2 English 11.05.20

Year 2 Maths 11.05.20


Year 2 English 04.05.20

Year 2 Maths 04.05.20


Year 2 English and Topic 27.04.20

Year 2 Maths 27.04.20


Year 2 English 20.04.20                      Adjective song

Year 2 Maths 20.04.20


Year 2 Times Tables Test

Year 2 Measuring length in metres

Year 2 Measuring length in centimetres

Year 2 English -ful or -less

Year 2 English Message in a Bottle

Year 2 English Jake’s First Day


Maths w/c 30.03.2020

Maths Activity Sheets w/c 30.03.2020

Year 2 English and other subjects 30.03.20

Welcome to Year 2

Click here to see Welcome booklet

Your team…

Miss Fletcher and Mrs O’Brien- 2F

Mrs Fay, Mrs Dayus and Mrs Warman – 2FD


Homework will be given out on a Friday and expected to be returned by the following Friday. Homework will be either Maths or English. A set of spellings will also go out on a Friday to be practiced at home during the week. Spellings will be tested each Friday.

PE days

2F – Wednesday and Thursday

2FD – Wednesday and Thursday

Please make sure that your child has their PE kits in school on these days and that they are clearly labelled in a bag, this should include; t-shirt, shorts and pumps.


We are learning to solve problems using place value (tens and ones), introducing the part whole method. We are continuing to learn methods to solve addition and subtraction calculations and word problems. We are also doing weekly Mental Maths and Reasoning lessons.

How you can help

Encourage children to use the language of mathematics i.e. how many, whole, part, tens, ones.

Use number cards to develop number recognition to 100.

Let them help with jobs which involve calculating, eg how much does it cost? How much more do we need?

Use Maths resources on this page to lock in the learning at home.

Useful Maths games:

Number bonds to 10, 20 and 100:


Place value


Phonics – Letters and sounds Phase 5 – a particular focus on spelling using Phase 5 sounds

Tricky words and Year 2 Common Exception Words

Reading and Comprehension

Fiction Stories


Visual Literacy


How you can help

Look in the book bag each night and spend a few minutes reading their book. Ask your children questions about the story to gauge their understanding. Can they make links with other stories? Can they predict what might happen next? Can they spot a noun, adjective and verb?

Use the Phonics pages in the reading record to practice the sounds – you could look for the sounds in their reading book together.

Use the Phonics resources on this web page to secure phonics knowledge at home.

Useful English websites:


Phonics Play

ICT Games


Oxford Owl

Year 2 Curriculum Topics:

  • Muck, Mess, Mixtures and Monsters
  • Spellbound
  • Towers, Turrets and Tunnels
  • Land Ahoy!
  • Shipwrecked
  • Champions

During ‘Towers, Turrets and Tunnels’ we looked at the history of castles and went on a visit to Warwick Castle. We explored different parts of a castle as well as the people who lived and worked inside. We created our own castles with moving drawbridges for DT day. We looked at the work of the artist Paul Klee and created artwork in the style of his famous drawing ‘Castle and Sun’.