New Classes in September

Although we don’t yet know what the situation will be in September, we have made plans for which teachers the children will have.  Some classes will be staying with their same teacher (this is known as looping) and will support some continuity within the school.  

New Nursery children will have Mrs Banks and Mrs Spooner
Nursery will be split into 2 classes and have Mrs Thompson-Yates or Miss Loveridge
RT (Mrs Coleby) will become 1C with Mrs Coleby
RL (Miss Loveridge) will become 1CJ with Mrs Crawford-Brown and Mrs G Jones
1CJ (Mrs Crawford-Brown and Mrs G Jones) will become 2F with Miss Fletcher
1M (Mrs Mercer) will become 2M with Mrs Mercer
2F (Miss Fletcher) will become 3S with Mrs Stacey
2FD (Mrs Fay and Mrs Dayus) will become 3FD with Mrs Fay and Mrs Dayus
3BS (Mrs Braiden-Smith) will become 4F with Mrs Freeman (our new teacher)
3M will become 4J with Mrs S Jones


A map of the school showing the new classes can be found here

Proposed Arrangements for Opening September 2020 

Whole school guidance for Parents on Re-opening – Children Returning September 2020