What is a Knowledge Organiser?

A Knowledge Organiser contains all of the essential key facts and information that your child needs for each subject. It supports their basic understanding of the topic and contains other useful information such as pictures. Knowledge Organisers reflect the learning taking place in class.

How can it be used at home?

. Talk about the key vocabulary

. Discuss the key knowledge

. Have a conversation about the pictures and what they show

. Help to excite enthusiasm about a topic

How will it be used in school?

. They form part of the teaching taking place

.  Teachers will reference them in class

. They will be accessible for children during learning time

Year 3 Knowledge Organisers

Year 3 Science Autumn 2

Year 3 RE Autumn 2

Year 3 PSHE Autumn 2

Year 3 PE Autumn 2

Year 3 Music Autumn 2

Year 3 History Autumn 2

Year 3 Geography Autumn 2

Year 3 French Autumn 2

Year 3 DT Autumn 2

For Autumn1 Knowledge Organisers, please click here. 

Year 4 Knowledge Organisers

Year 4 PSHE Autumn 2

Year 4 Science Autumn 2

Year 4 French Autumn 2

Year 4 DT Autumn 2

Year 4 Art Autumn 2

Year 4 Computing Autumn 2

Year 4 RE Autumn 2

Year 4 Music Autumn 2 

Year 4 PE Autumn 2

For Autumn1 Knowledge Organisers, please click here.