Introducing our staff and what our pupils have to say about them.

Mr P Essenhigh - Executive Headteacher

Mrs G Plant - Head of School








 "She is kind and helpful. When you are sad, she cheers you up."

- Lucy

Mrs H Ludlow - Assistant Headteacher

Helen Ludlow






"You are very nice to everyone and very clever."

- Bella  

 Mr A Rivett - Assistant Headteacher







 "He is hilarious, fun, kind and an amazing teacher."

- Molly

Mrs K Sabin - School Business Manager


Mrs K Wilson - Admin Staff 







"She is the best first aid lady ever and works hard. We all know that you are there for us."

- Amber 

 Mrs L Nicholls - Admin Staff








 "She is always organised".

- Izzy 

  Mrs A Astbury - Admin Staff


"She is very kind to me" - Klaudia 

 Mrs S Jones - Teaching Staff

Science Co-Ordinator







"She is very kind and helpful when people are stuck. She has a gorgeous smile."

- Josh

Miss A Mayo-Braiden - Teaching Staff

Geography and History Co-Ordinator


Mrs C Thompson-Yates - Teaching Staff

Early Years Foundation Stage Leader


 Mrs G Jones - Teaching Staff

PE Co-Ordinator







"Always comes to school with nice things to say."

- Rosie 

Miss M Bridle - Teaching Staff

 Mrs H Crawford-Brown - Teaching Staff

Art and DT Co-Ordinator







"She is a good teacher and makes our learning fun."

- Gene

 Miss T Fletcher - Teaching Staff

English Co-Ordinator







"She is the best teacher, fun and kind."

- Rourke

 Mrs R Dayus - Teaching Staff

RE Co-Ordinator







"She is a very kind teacher, she helps us with all our learning."- Ethan 

Mrs S Stacey - Teaching Staff

Maths Co-Ordinator


 "She is a fabulous maths teacher and she brightens up my day".

- Eve

Miss C Moody - Teaching Staff

Picture to follow

Mrs Z Partridge - Support Staff







"She is nice, kind and helpful."

- Bethany

 Mrs P Wainman - Children and Families Welfare Lead








"She helps me by solving problems together. Sometimes she checks if my work is next to the margin and I like that."

- Jazmin

Mrs T Wiley - Support Staff







"Nice and kind to us and she is good at cooking."

- Georgia

Ms H Moore - Support Staff






"She is a wonderful, amazing, thoughtful person who is always happy".

- Daniel

 Mrs H O'Brien - Support Staff







"She is nice, kind, pretty and helps me with my work."

- Lydia

 Mrs T Warman - Support Staff







"She helps me do my lessons."

- Betsy

 Mrs K Fannon - Support Staff







"She is good at the recorder. She has a good character."

- Melody

Mrs J Lawrence - Support Staff

 Mrs C Mercer - Teaching Staff

Computing Co-ordinator


 Mrs J Banks - Teaching Staff

Music Co-ordinator 




"She is pretty and wears nice clothes".

- Maisie

 Mrs A Sanders - Support Staff






"She always tricks me by saying she eats worms, slugs and snails".

- Joshua

Mrs J Skidmore - Support Staff



 Mrs E Spooner - Support Staff







"She is beautiful and plays good games".

- Logan

 Mrs E Fay - Support Staff


Mrs D Whitman - Support Staff


Mrs P Thomas - Support Staff


Miss L Read - Support Staff







"She always helps you".

- Che

Mrs A Tabberer - Support Staff


Mr H Powlton - Assistant Caretaker


Mr S Hirst - IT Technician





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