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Here you will find important information and updates of what we get up to in Reception.

Meet the Team...
Mrs Thompson-Yates (EYFS Leader and Reception Teacher RTY)
Mrs Jones (Reception Teacher RJ and PE Co-ordinator)
Mrs Sanders (Angie) (Teaching Assistant RTY)
Mrs Wiley (Teaching Assistant RJ)


Important Information

  • Each morning we welcome children into Reception between 8:45am and 8:55am. Please arrive promptly in order for your child to have a smooth start to the day.

  • Each day your child will need to bring to school:

             - Book bag (including reading books and diary).

             - Suitable clothing for outdoor learning (weather dependent e.g. coat, hat,                      scarf, sunhat)


  • P.E. is on Fridays and 'Busy Feet' is on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

            - Your child will need a clearly labelled P.E. bag which is kept on their peg                     and sent home at the end of each half term.

             - P.E. Kit: White t-shirt and black shorts. All clearly named please!

  • Snack. Each day children in Reception receive a piece of fruit and milk. We provide the children with a water bottle which they have access to throughout the day. Children do not need to bring water bottles to school. 


At Home

There is lots you can do at home to support your children's learning; talk with them, read with them, play (indoors and out), spend time as a family (have dinner together, play games) and support them in becoming independent with dressing and organising their belongings.

Please read daily with and to your child. You can record this in their reading diary. We will use the reading diary to record their reading at school.


Diary Dates

Spring Parents Evening - Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th February (times to follow).

Early Years (Reception and Nursery) Assembly - Thursday 16th February

End of Year Early Years Assembly - Thursday 13th July



Each week we will celebrate any birthdays as well as 'Stars of the Week', 'Wizard Writers' and attendance. Look out for your child's certificates and stickers.



Here to Help

We are really looking forward to the year ahead. If you have any worries or concerns please speak to us so we can work together.



 Our First Week in Reception


Angie reads 'Dirty Bertie'. We didn't like looking at all the yucky things he does!


 It has been very sunny outside and we have been building sandcastles.


 Lots of children have tried balancing on the tractor tyres. It can be wobbly!


The playdough table has been a big hit! But we are not sure we would like a slice of this bug pizza!






Autumn 1 Topic

Guess How Much I Love You?

We have been exploring ourselves and our families.

We have created paintings of ourselves. We had to think about the features of our faces to create our portraits.

We have read books such as: Five Minutes Peace, Peace at Last and Owl Babies.

We visited our Sensory Garden to create nests for our owl babies. We used twigs, leaves and grass “to make it cosy”



Autumn 2 Topic
Lights, Lamps and Lanterns

We have been learning about different festivals and celebrations.

First we looked at Halloween and Bonfire Night through the story ‘Room on the Broom’.

We enjoyed acting out ‘Room on the Broom’ and creating magic potions in our cauldron.

We then looked at Diwali and how Hindus celebrate ‘the festival of lights’.

We watched videos of a little girl called Jessica to see how she celebrates Diwali. She cooked special food, made Diwali cards, decorated her hands with Mendhi patterns, visited the temple and made Rangoli patterns to decorate the outside of her house.

Avi celebrates Diwali and his family kindly brought in some objects to share how they celebrate Diwali.

We also looked at Christmas and how people celebrate this. We took part in the Nativity play ‘The Sleepy Shephard’. Lots of confident children dressing up and speaking in front of lots of families!

We made Christmas cards, tree decorations and presents to share with our families.

For the calendars this year we used Claude Monet’s ‘Lily Pads’ painting for inspiration.


Spring 1 Topic

Winter Wonderland

We are learning about Winter and animals which live in the snow.

We have read ‘Say Hello to the Snowy Animals’ and have learnt about how Arctic animals can live in the snow. One of our favourite animal is the Caribou (wild reindeer). They have lots of brown fur to keep them warm and scoop-like hooves to help them dig in the snow.

We have read ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?’ which has zoo animals in the story. We have thought about the animals which live in the snow and have changed the story to include Arctic animals.

The children were inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'. They used paint, crayons and play dough to design their own masterpieces. 

During our topic activities we made our own bird food. The children enjoyed visiting the 'Sensory Graden' to hang their food. We talked about the best place to put the food and why we are helping the birds during Winter. 



Spring 2
Once Upon a Garden 

We will be exploring the celebrations of Chinese New Year, Easter and Mother’s Day. 

We will learn about how people celebrate and how this compares to own celebrations and traditions.

We will be reading: Jack and the Beanstalk, The Enormous Turnip, Little Red Hen, Chicken Licken and Handa’s Surprise.

This year our local library in Catshill has invited the children in Reception to take part in a story activity on World Book Day.

Each class will visit the library and explore the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’.


The children have enjoyed exploring paint and the Learn Pads. So far they have painted flowers, rainbows, beanstalks and castles.


The children have enjoyed choosing stories from the book corner and reading for pleasure. They were excited to see that a

beanstalk had appeared over the weekend 'FE FI FO FUM.' 


In PE we perfomed a 'dragon dance'. We moved to the music changing pace and direction.

We used a dragon head, musical instruments and ribbons. 


 The children are enjoying independent writing opportunities about their own interests.

They have also explored the Beebots when following instructions and directions. 


In Magic Maths we have been looking at number problems. The children are choosing ways to record and interpret their findings. 











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