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Welcome to Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery and Reception Classes

Play is the work of children.” – Piaget

Click here to view Welcome Booklet

EYFS Team:

Nursery – Mrs Banks, Mrs Spooner, Mrs Hawkins, Miss Pugh

Reception – Miss Loveridge, Miss Tomkins, Mrs McCandlish, Mrs Cook, Mrs Lyons

Additional Early Years Support Staff: Mrs Wainman, Mrs Coleby, Miss Wall, Mr Veness

Nursery Essential Information

Nursery P.E. is on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. Please ensure children wear appropriate clothing.

We will be starting Forest Schools in October – more information to follow.

Please bring your book bag and a named water bottle to Nursery each day.

Reception Essential Information

Reception P.E. is on Tuesdays. P.E. kits can be kept on your child’s peg and will be sent home to be wash each half term.

P.E. kit  – white t-shirt and black shorts. Pumps are only needed in the Summer term.

Please bring your book bag to school each day.

Join us on our learning journey…

Autumn 2019-2010

Autumn 1 ‘Are We All the Same?’

Welcome to the new school year!

The topic this half term is all about getting to know your children; their likes, interests and hobbies.  This will allow the Early Years staff to match learning opportunities and experiences to their fascinations and curiosities which makes settling in fun and exciting.  The staff will support the children in making friendships and relationships with the other children and the adults who work in the setting also.  We will then branch out from getting to know the children themselves to you, their families, and the wider Catshill community too.

Throughout this half term we will introduce and embed the routines and expectations of the Early Years across the classes so that we are working together as a team.

Spring Second Half Term – Chocolate, Cheese and Cheerios

In Reception and Nursery we have read ‘Pizza for Pirates’. Reception created pirate maps by looking at the environment around our school. Nursery went hunting for treasure in the woods too. Both Nursery and Reception have made pizzas and chose from a range of healthy toppings – onion, pepper, ham, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, sweetcorn and pineapple. You could try the recipe at home:

Muffin Base Pizzas

You will need – English muffins (cut in half), tomato sauce (e.g. pasta sauce), toppings of your choice and cheese.

Method – Cut the muffins in half, spread the tomato sauce over the muffin, cover it with your favourite toppings and cheese and cook in a warm oven (around 180C) until the cheese is bubbly and has melted.

Reception and Nursery have been looking at where food comes from. Nursery made some vegetable soup and Reception used vegetables to create their own vegetable superheroes after reading ‘Supertato’. Nursery also used vegetables and fruit to create their own artwork like the artist Arcimboldo. Both Nursery and Reception have planted seeds to grow our own food. We are checking on their growth and making sure they have sunshine and water.

World Book Day 2019 – Nursery and Reception had lots of fun dressing up in their favourite characters and everyone got to take a book home! Nursery and Reception got together in the afternoon to share stories. All the Early Years staff chose a different story to read. We had: Where the Wild Things Are, The Hungry Caterpillar, The Wonky Donkey, The Dinosaur who Pooped the Bed, You Can’t Take an Elephant on the Bus!, We Went to Visit a Farm One Day, Pizza for Pirates and More Ketchup Please! The children chose which story they would like to hear and got to hear stories from different adults.

Upcoming activities:

We will be exploring food – tasting different fruits and foods, making pizzas and bread and growing our own food.

We will be creating art work using vegetables and fruit – fruit/vegetable printing, observational drawing and create art with fruit.

We will be learning about where food comes from and how food is made. We will also explore the life cycle of a chicken.

We will read the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and explore exotic fruits using our senses. We will also retell the story using props and dressing up as the animals.

Nursery and Reception will be working together to perform a Mother’s Day assembly on Wednesday 27th March.

Share, Learn and Play sessions this half term in Nursery will focus on fine motor and mark making skills. Reception will focus on stories and reading games. We look forward to seeing you there.

Spring First Half Term – Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What can you see?

We have been learning about bears – where they live, what they eat and what they look like. We had lots of fun watching a bear crack open a coconut and drink the coconut water. We have been exploring our woodland area and going on bear hunts. Reception have been reading clues in the woods to find the bear. The children in Nursery and Reception have been retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and even tried some porridge!

In P.E. we have been dancing to The Jungle Book song – The Bare Necessities. Reception have also been using large equipment and explore moving over, under and through it like in the Bear Hunt story.

Nursery and Reception have explored Chinese New Year by seeing how people celebrate it, tasting Chinese food and creating lanterns and a dragon parade dance. Reception had the drums out to play along to the Chinese music – it was a very noisy parade!

To finish our topic the children in both Nursery and Reception have brought in their teddy bears from home for a teddy bear picnic. During the day they have been making sandwiches and choosing their filling. We read the story ‘This is the Bear and the Picnic Lunch’ where they have an indoor picnic. Then both Nursery and Reception got together for an indoor picnic with sandwich, teddy bear crisps and an apple to crunch.

Nursery had Share, Learn and Play sessions for families to join in. They had games which were enjoyed by all. The games focused on turn-taking skills and enabled the children to practise this skill with their families.

Reception had Share, Learn and Play sessions too. They also had games but these were focusing on Mathematics skills. There was number ordering, number recognition, dominoes, dice games and counting games too.

It is great to see so many families attend our Share, Learn and Play sessions. Dates for our next Share, Learn and Play sessions are on the Curriculum Newsletter found in the News and Letters section of the website.

Autumn Term Topics –

This is Me!

We will be learning about ourselves, our families and where we live. We will be building relationships as we meet new children and adults. We will be learning the routines and expectations of the Early Years.

Conkers and Crispy Leaves 

We will be learning about the colours, textures and changes in the world around us. We will observe different weather and what happens to the natural environment as the season progresses.

Monsters and Mayhem!

We will be sharing a range of monster stories such as The Gruffalo, Not Now Bernard and Ten Little Monsters. We will be creating our own monsters using a variety of media and materials. We will explore retelling stories and story settings.

Christmas Nativity

We will be taking part in an exciting and musical nativity performance.