A welcome message from Mrs Jones

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Helpful information

The classroom door for class 4J is situated close to the Tulip Tree. There will be red footprints on the floor to help you keep socially distant at pick up and drop off times.

A message from Mrs Jones:

Hi 4J, thank you for the information you’ve passed on to me about your likes and interests. I am really looking forward to seeing you all in September where I will be able to get to know you all properly. As you may know, we are starting off with our Romans topic I am Warrior. 

For those of you that love to help in the classroom, there will be plenty of jobs and roles for you to take on. We will be learning about lots of new things and you will be developing skills in lots of areas with your friends. For those of you who like to break up your learning, we have our daily dash sessions where we enjoy a quick bit of fresh air whilst running a couple of circuits round our playground. We often have a quick session on the climbing wall where we move across it in different ways, for example using one hand and both feet. 

When we return in September, there will be plenty of time for us to answer any questions you may have thought of during the summer break. Have a wonderful summer holiday!