A welcome message from Mrs Freeman

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Helpful information

The classroom door for 4F can be found next to the yellow railing on the Key Stage 2 playground. It is the third door on the right from the Dock gate. Or, the second door on the left as you come past the Tulip Tree.

A message from Mrs Freeman:

Well thank you for some great questions. I’ll answer those that I can now and the rest we’ll explore in September when we get together in class.
Football- I am a football fan along with my husband and my two sons. We all support Aston Villa along with my husband’s family. We do go up to Villa Park to see some home games as my boys love the excitement of being at a match.
Diary of Pig- We will have class novels to read together and I have got all four of the Diary of Pig books so we can have fun reading those.
Jobs and responsibilities- There will be lots of jobs and additional responsibilities for year 4. We will decide on jobs when we’re all together in September.
Topics- We will be exploring lots of exciting topics in year four. These will include exploring the Roman Empire and it’s invasion. We will be looking at what happened in the invasion and some major people from this time in history. Could you be a great Roman Soldier?
I look forward to seeing you all in September.