A welcome message from Mrs Stacey

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Helpful information:

Class 3S will be met at the door in the mornings close to the Key Stage 2 playground; the door nearest the Dock gate. Here are some helpful photographs below:

A message from Mrs Stacey:

Hello my lovely new class and how great so many of you have messaged to ask me questions and to tell me things about yourselves. I will try and answer them for you and let you know a little bit more about myself. Firstly our new classroom will be right at the very end of the Key Stage 2 corridor. When you come in through the gate that makes us the first classroom on the KS2 playground. Mrs Cross and I will stand by the door and wait for you every morning. We are really looking forward to seeing you in September. 


There will not be colour groupings in September and that means you will sit by different people to do different things. The classroom will also look a little different as we may be in rows facing the front too. I would like us to work together lots and discuss our ideas and share our thoughts. A classroom should be somewhere where everyone gets to join in with their ideas and value those of others. I love it when my class shows all their values in school.

I also see from your responses that a lot of you are very sporty, well that puts me to shame as I am not sporty at all! I do enjoy walking my dogs though. I have two cocker spaniels. Lilly is 13 and Archie, my puppy, is 6 months old. He is a little horror and you will hear lots of stories about him over the coming year! We will have PE twice a week in Year 3 and I will let you know the days when you start back in September. On those days you can come to school in your PE kit and I will wear mine too. 

Some of you wanted to know about homework. You will continue to have home learning projects to work on and we have another piece of homework every week. It will be given out on Friday and we will expect it back the following Wednesday. I expect every child to complete their homework every week. I would also like you to read regularly and work hard on learning your tables. If you cannot find your Times Tables Rockstars login then email me for it on sjs148@casthillfirst.worcs.sch.uk.


Well have a wonderful summer Year 2 and before you know it we will all be together as 3S!