A welcome message from Mrs Mercer and Mrs O’Brien

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Helpful information:

Class 2M will be greeted in the morning at the door in the corner of the Key Stage 1 playground. There are some photos below to help you.

A message from Mrs Mercer:

Hi 2M, I want to tell you a little more about Year 2. I know a lot of your passions and interests already, including reading, gymnastics, art and getting muddy! We won’t have regular Forest School in Year 2 unfortunately, but our first topic is Muck, Mess, Mixtures and Monsters so I am sure we will need our wellies at some point. I know a few of you have already read The Disgusting Sandwich and The Magic Faraway Tree. Keep reading whichever books you love over the summer and we will read every day in 2M. As for PE, we have exciting new lessons with Miss Katherine Christopher each week (she works with Sam). We will not do PE outside when it rains, but we will try to get out for exercise as often as possible including Wake and Shake round the playground on dry days. We will do Maths and English every day and practise our phonics. Maths in Year 2 includes the two, three, five and ten times tables. There will be lots of problem solving and reasoning. We will learn how to use our number bonds to solve calculations using bigger numbers. 


We are moving to the classroom next to the Hub. It will not change much, but we might need to arrange the tables differently. You will have your own chair and as you are getting more grown up, we probably won’t sit on the carpet as much. I have already put up the learning partner display and the visual timetable. I have even added the times using  o’clock and half past. Mrs O’Brien has made new peg labels and put up a birthday display so we can sing to you on your special day!

Mrs Mercer