Welcome messages from Mrs Dayus and Mrs Fay


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Helpful information

The classroom door for 3FD is the second door on the right, as you walk onto the Key Stage 2 playground from the Dock gate. It is behind the basket ball net. You will see red footprints marked on the floor to enable you to socially distance when waiting to collect your child or when dropping off in the morning.

Answers to the Transition questionnaire:

Thank you for all your questions 2FD (soon to be 3FD) Hopefully the following information will be able to answer some of your questions and also reassure you. When you return to school our classroom is located in Key Stage 2, if you were coming from the ‘dock entrance’ we are the second classroom but myself or Mrs Fay will be waving to you the day you return so you won’t miss us! The classroom will also have a sign outside saying 3FD. Your coat peg will be just outside the classroom and will be labelled with your name. If you want to bring your own packed lunch into school you can do and there will be hot meals available too. We will be rearranging the classroom during the summer holidays so I am unable to tell you at this time where you will be sat. We will also look at classroom responsibilities when we return so if there is a job you would particularly like then that’s great!


Our first topic is ‘Predators’, we will not be looking at Pirates when we come back to school but if any of you have done any work on Pirates during home learning or would like to discuss the last topic we covered as a class then of course you are welcome to. In Year 3 all the topics will be new! I promised you a treasure hunt at the end of the Pirates topic and we will try and fit some sort of treasure hunt during the Autumn term. The topics in Year 3 are as follows:

Autumn 1- Predators

Autumn 2-Urban Pioneers

Spring 1-Enter the Nile

Spring 2-Scrumdidlyumptious

Summer 1-Mighty Metals

Summer 2-We will meet again


I know for lots of you that you may feel a bit anxious about coming back to school but we are here for you and will do our best to reassure you. To help with transition you will attend a transition day on either Thursday the 3rd or Friday the 4th of September with Mrs Dayus. You will all be back together on Monday the 7th of September with Mrs Fay.

We can’t wait to see you,

Have a great summer.